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We are committed to safe & healthy transportation practices to ensure your delivery gets to where it needs to go coast to coast.



Ramsey Express Trucking, 
Nationwide Trucking, Logistics & Warehousing Services.

We are a small family owned company in central California that started in 1986. Through the ups and downs of the California and National economy, we are still here. I started the flatbed trucking portion of this business in 1996 and started the successful warehouse services in Nov 2001.

Proudly trucking the local California region we also offer nationwide and international long haul trucking transportation services reaching into Canada with warehouse storage facilities in Stockton, Ca.

Currently trucking 48 states and lower Canada. 

The Ramsey Express family has made the commitment to provide the best service possible. In doing so will we aim to provide the safest work environment, best procedures and ultimately the best relations with our customers and their customers. We have a wide variety of equipment in our fleet to assure our customers that we can handle just about anything they throw at us. We thrive on the projects that take some thought and planning. Oversize, over-dimensional loads are our specialty.

Our warehousing and logistics department strives to make sure our customers get everything they are looking for in their distribution needs. We make sure the product, no matter what it is, is handled with the same top quality care you would give your own property.

 “Service is what we sell, so we sell the best!” – D. Ramsey

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Ramsey Express Trucking, Rough & Ready Island
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Ramsey Express Trucking
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